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Бронирование номеров в гостиницах Москвы

    Бронирование номеров в гостиницах Москвы
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Dear guests of Moscow!

The BETA Hotel is located in one of the most picturesque parts of Moscow not far from the center. On entering the lobby of BETA you will receive a sincerely warm and friendly welcome. The courteous and attentive service of our helpful staff, who maintain the finest traditions of Russian hospitality, will compliment perfectly your stay in our hotel. There are more than 1000 comfortable rooms and suites in the hotel, well furnished and provided with all modern conveniences, including cable television. To feed guests lastly and nourishly is immutable low of Russian hospitality. Restaurants, cafes and snack bars of hotel BETA are waiting for you! There will be offered for you a wide choice of gourmets specialties of European and Russian cuisine. You may have a really good time listening to modern and national Russian music. Hotel BETA is the hotel where you may spend your free time not leaving the hotel: play in Casino; see variety show and have a dance in the restaurant; taste cold hors-d oeuvre, pastries cocktails and drinks in the bar "Troika"; drink beer in the "Beer Bar"; make a visit to the beauty parlor; have one's hair done in hair-dressing saloon; enjoy Finnish Sauna.

The company "Versal" provides services for booking rooms at the Hotel Izmailovo Beta:

  • We work 24 hours a day
  • Reservation FREE!
  • Fees hotels into accommodation
  • Fees hotel by bank transfer
  • Prompt booking. Your application will be confirmed quickly!
  • Discounts for corporate and regular customers
  • Flexible pricing policy

  • We will do everything to ensure that would be the choice and booking a hotel in Moscow was possible for you quick, easy and convenient!



     ТГК «Измайлово» гостиница "Бета". 
    8 (800) 505-50-15 бесплатный по России, +7(925) 589-62-26, телефон-факс  +7 (495) 792-98-10. Адрес: РОССИЯ, 105613, г. Москва, Измайловское шоссе, 71, корпус 2-Б, офис 703.     

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